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About KaBabyBoom.com and Founder Travis Luther

I have been an entrepreneur all of my life. I just recently celebrated a pretty cool anniversary – 25 years of licensed business ownership! Building and growing businesses is definitely my passion.

Here are a few of the businesses I currently own:

Over the last few years I have had the great pleasure of sharing my passion for entrepreneurship with college students in the following capacities: 


  • Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship at MSU Denver
  • Entrepreneur in Residence University of Colorado Denver
  • Director of RoadFounders College Entrepreneurship Incubator
  • U.S. National Chair – Global Student Entrepreneurship Awards

Teaching has always been something I have loved – whether as the leader of my companies or as a college professor. The funny thing is that school WAS NOT always something I loved (not unusual for entrepreneurs). But a decade ago I decided to return to college to finish a Bachelor’s Degree I had started 20 years earlier.

The second time around I LOVED school. When I finished my B.A. I just wasn’t ready to be done, so I went to graduate school and studied Sociology. My thesis revolved around Baby Boomers, Retirement, and Economics.  This research is available in my new book, “When the Buffalo Roam: U.S. Baby Boomer Retirement into Mexico“, available to the ka-munity in its entirety. Most of my material and ideas for the ka-munity are derived or inspired from the dire financial data I collected while working on my thesis.

What I eventually concluded was that Baby Boomers are facing some serious economic instability. Their retirement funds have been put into markets that are impossible to predict. Baby Boomers are also a pretty independent bunch who grew up in a time where personal responsibility was a point of real pride. The entrepreneur in me thought, “Hey, there’s got to be a way to connect with Baby Boomers who want more control over their retirement and finances and to teach them how to make investments in themselves through what I have learned through 20 years of entrepreneurship!” So TaDa! KaBabyBoom.com was born!

KaBabyBoom.com is a way for me to connect with baby boomer entrepreneurs or potential entrepreneurs all over the United States (and even the world) and to provide them learning tools and events to strengthen their sense of financial independence and personal accomplishment as they head into retirement.

So if that is you, then Welcome! I’m excited you’re here. Step one is to simply sign-up for my newsletter and then get ready to connect with some pretty cool people, ideas, sharing, and Ka-Munity!